Will A Garden Office Add Value To My Home?

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Ok, that’s the simple answer, but as with most things in life, the truth is more nuanced.

Undoubtedly, if a potential buyer wants the ability to work from home, a separate well insulated and quiet space is going to be very attractive. A building that has been built to last and is easy to maintain will drive up the asking price by several thousand pounds. Think about the location – is this going to be a garden feature or something that is discreet? Despite your commute being just a few steps, will your feet be kept dry or will you trail mud in with you?

But in our pursuit to create value in the future, don’t neglect the value to you right now. A garden office creates a quiet, calm and comfortable space away from the rough and tumble of domestic life. Being in this space, free to think and talk without the stress of thinking you’ll be disturbed at any moment, will help you perform much more productively. That could lead to a promotion or pay rise. A calmer existence will not only enrich your life, it could also prolong it.

So a garden office adds far more value than you might think.

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