Quick-to-Build Timber Garages and Carports saving you Time and Money

If you have been approached by a client to build a timber frame garagecarport or balcony, then our Post and Beam system could be perfect for you. We design, manufacture and deliver post and beam structures to your site that are fast and easy to erect using a unique connector that allows component parts to slot together.

We always maintain the highest quality, ensuring you will have a smooth build on site and that your customer is left fully satisified with the completed structure.

Posts and Beams on Foundations

1. Posts & Beams fitting together on completed foundations

Installing Roof Rafters

2. Braces, studs, floor joists in place, roof rafters going up

Roof Structure with Membrane

3. Roof structure up, membrane in place, battens going down

Cladding, Roofing & Roof Lights

4. Cladding installed, rooflights, roof covering being fitted

Quick Costing

For an immediate guide price to send to your clients, have a look at our range of pre-designed timber garages, carports, and balconies which were designed in response to the most frequent enquiries we received.

You’ll find a range of different styles from low pitch to high ‘room-in-the-roof’ structures.

Bespoke Designs

We also offer a fully bespoke service, and if you send us your client’s plans or basic dimensioned sketches, then we can return a clear and concise quote to you within a few days.

If your client cannot give you a clear outline of what they want, then our design team is on hand to help. They can apply their years of experience and will work with you and your client to create a final design so we can get the ball rolling on manufacture.

From initial sketches, through to professional plans and a finished build…

Desigin Initial Sketch
P&B Finished Build

Planning and Building Regulations

Have a look at our project gallery to see the array of structures we have built.

Our system is highly customisable and able to accommodate most of your client’s design decisions. If a particular design requirement is not realistic, then our technical team can suggest alternatives to help move your client closer to being ready to order.

Fast and Simple

Our connective system makes assembly easy. You can slot our posts and beams together with minimal effort. We generally used fixed post bases. However if your base is not exactly level we can supply adjustable post bases to allow for fast and efficient levelling (by up to 50mm) on site.

An experienced builder should have no problems putting up one of our single bay timber garages up in just a few days, and a multi-bay structure can be erected in a few weeks.

All these components are fitted in our factory. The kit reaches you flat-packed and ready to assemble, and this can be done far faster than a masonry garage would take.

Post and Beam Connective System 1
SolidLox Connective System 3

Cost Saving

The speed of putting up one of our timber garages or carports presents you with a significant cost saving. Our post and beam buildings require less labour to erect and often use smaller foundations than a heavier masonry structure. As with all timber construction, less waste is left over versus a masonry build for you to clean up afterwards.

This allows you to swiftly move onto new jobs once the building is completed.

Future Projects

Our Post and Beam is a highly versatile system, able to lend itself to a range of projects, such as:

Garages & Carports

Cycle Stores

Smoking Shelters

Garden Rooms


Holiday Homes

Multi Bay Carbarns

Biomass Boiler Rooms

Biomass Fuel Stores

Stables & Barns

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Airbnb Buildings

We would be happy to provide you with a quote for any of these sorts of projects or similiar. We are a company with a long history of building houses, extensions and far larger builds too.

Please keep us in mind on your next project as we are always looking to develop long term relationships with skilled builders.

What our customers say

S. Willmore

Just a few photos of our completed project with your timber frame 4 bay garage. Well pleased with it, my daughter's art studio above now.

Thanks for a great kit supplied by you.

J. Bunce

The service we received and quality of the products makes it an easy decision to reach out to you again for this requirement.

P. Rutherford

Would like to thank you for sorting out the delivery and off loading of my garage last Monday. Your personnel and the truck driver were very helpful off loading all parts and stacking them in the reverse order of assembly.


The kit is going together nicely, and should be all finished by the end of the week. The carpenters putting it up have been complementary about its quality too.