special robust heavy duty external stair cases with landing platform and balustrades – can be bought separately

Our standard External staircases are open tread softwood stairs, 800mm wide over strings and 42 degree angle to fit 2245mm floor to floor height and come complete with:

  • Up to 2m, 2 post landing
  • Anti-slip Treads
  • Ballustrade and Handrail

They are designed to fit our standard range of Garages & Carports but we are happy to manufacture bespoke sets to your own requirements. Please contact us with the overall rise you require and we will be happy to give you a price.

from £2,305.00 (inc. VAT). Please call for delivery cost and ordering

Our standard internal stairs assume a 2400mm floor to floor, this being the height of the Post & Beam frame with the adjustable height post bases when fully closed. Greater heights may require a small packer under the bottom tread. They have a 42 degree angle and are 800mm wide over strings to conserve space. A ¼ landing may be needed, depending on your layout

Space saver (boat type) steep stairs are available, but care should be used in specifying these.

Internal Staircase
Internal Staircase

Prices for internal staircases are provided with your Garage / Carport quote