Garage and Carport Frequently Asked Questions

I’m afraid we don’t. We can however put you in touch with erectors who will be able to quote you.

The standard kits supply all the components needed for the structure ( For the full specification see the relevant products details ). You can also order extra materials like Roof Slates, Shingles, Windows, Doors & Insulation to be delivered with your kit.

If you are self assembling fixings are not included. You will need sufficient quantity of the following items:

  • m10 Rawl Bolts, Chem Anchors or Concrete Screws for fixing the base plates to the floor
  • 100mm Oval Nails (or gun nails) for nailing wall frames
  • 100mm Oval Nails (or gun nails) for nailing roof timbers
  • 50mm sherardized round head Nails for feather edge wall cladding
  • 50mm sherardized round head Nails for fixing OSB sarking to rafters
  • 75mm sherardized round head Nails for fixing counter batten through OSB to rafters
  • 60mm Screws for floor deck (10 per sheet) – If having a room in roof option
  • Glue for floor deck (1 tube per 8 sheets)) – If having a room in roof option

For longer life, Nails & Screws should be non-corrosive or stainless steel

Scaffolding needs to be erected by independant certified erectors under latest health & safety regulations.

We are not qualified Scaffold erectors and so are not able to advise what scaffolding will be needed for you. We can however provide the following information for you to pass to your scaffolding contractors who should then be able to provide a design suitable for your specific site conditions and constraints. We will be pleased to discuss this with them in relation to your site and project.

To meet HM Health & Safety Executive requirements, Scaffold will be needed to all four sides of the proposed structure.

  • If the surface all around this is solid and level, two mobile tower scaffolds may be adequate, since they can be moved around the sides as work proceeds. Please see HSE’s web site guidance for use of tower scaffolds.
  • If the surface around the building is uneven, soft, or too narrow to take a mobile scaffold, then you will need a free-standing, independent scaffold all around. This needs to be in place before erection of your SolidLox ‘kit’ begins. Please see HSE’s web site Scaffold Checklist for guidance on Design & Inspection issues for scaffold.
  • All scaffolds should allow sufficient access clearance to fix the cladding.
  • Scaffolding of the gable ends should be suitable for the maximum ridge height shown on your drawings to enable the gable cladding to be fixed safely.
  • If you have a Low Pitch roof, one lift set approximately 300mm below the eaves height will usually be enough.
  • If you have a Medium or High Pitch roof, e.g. for a room in the roof where the ridge may be approximately 5.5 metres high, you will need a further lift on the gable ends set approximately 2m above the lower lift so that the gables can be erected and clad safely.

Our Post and Beam is a modular system that has been designed for easy installation. We recommend that you:

  • Have at least 3 people
  • Have the assistance of a qualified carpenter or builder with timber frame knowledge
  • Allow 7 days for a 2 Bay Structure

Our Post and Beam system works with most foundation types. The foundation type you require will depend largely on your site and SHOULD be discussed with a ground worker.

Depending on ground conditions most people set their SolidLox on a concrete slab base but 400 x 400 concrete pads are also acceptable.

The adjustable height post bases enable you to set your SolidLox on out of level foundations (up to 50mm)

This will depend on the size, height and location of your proposed building:

Planning will usually be required if any of the following are true:

  • You are going to be placing the building close to a boundary
  • The building will be in front of the building line of your house (when viewed from the road).
  • You live in a listed property or within a conservation area.

Planning may not be required if any of the following are true:

  • You are going to place the building behind the house
  • It will be more than 2.0m from a boundary
  • The ridge height is below 4.0m.
  • It will be for NON business use

You can read our General Guide to Planning Requirements here or we suggest you visit the Government Planning Portal which contains a wealth of information and an interactive guide covering most circumstances.

If you require help with gaining planning permission we can supply you will full-scale drawings for submission with your apllication.
Contact us for further information.

The Planning process typically takes up to 8 weeks from the date that the application is registered (which can sometimes be anything up to two weeks after the application is submitted), we therefore suggest that you assume approximately 8-10 weeks in total from submission of the application to gaining Planning approval, assuming all goes smoothly.

Yes. You can make amendments to the website designs or design your own structure from scratch. Send your design in to us and we would then check that it is suitable to be made with our Post and Beam system and provide you with a bespoke price.

We offer FREE delivery on all our kits to mainland England, Wales and the Scottish lowlands. For delivery to the Scottish highlands, Channel Islands, Isle of Man & Ireland please call for a quotation.

Unfortunately No. However, we are able to deliver to a UK port of your choosing for you to then arrange collection and onward shipping to your destination.

Please note however, that we cannot accept responsibility for the product after it has been sucessfully delivered to the port

Although we were the first UK timber frame company to become FSC CoC certified in 2003/2004 we are now standardised on PEFC for softwood.

FSC tends to be more relevant to tropical hardwoods, e.g. as used in furniture.

If you wish we can use FSC timber for your project, but this will need to be bought in specially and in smaller lots, so would lose the benefit of our regular bulk buying.


Although we were the first UK timber frame company to become FSC CoC certified in 2003/4 we are now standardised on PEFC for softwood.

As you will see from the PEFC & FSC PDF leaflet here, there is little if any difference between the two schemes.


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