SolidLox Construction Information

Planning and Building Regulations

Our prices for these assume you will negotiate/discuss and submit direct with authorities. It is your responsibility to ensure you obtain and have in place all Planning and Building Regulations and other permits necessary.


Foundations depend on site conditions. Usually, a concrete slab at least 150mm (6″) thick with some steel reinforcing mesh in this, is enough. We recommend the slab be 25mm greater all round than the foorprint of the building. This ensures the base plate bolts can be installed without breaking the corners of the slab and so the last sheet of cladding can be kicked out over the slab guarding against water ingress.

Swift Plinths are also an option especially where the garage or carport is to be a continuation of the driveway. These replace our standard adjustable post bases and MUST be very accurately levelled and positioned to exactly conform with post locations.


We are not qualified scaffold erectors and cannot advise on what is needed. However, to meet HM Health and Safety Executive requirements, scaffold will need to be on all four sides of the proposed structure.

Usually mobile scaffold platforms are adequate if the ground is level.