SolidLox Components

SolidLox Standard Components

Unless otherwise specified, standard SolidLox kits include:

    • Adjustable post bases & masonry anchors to connect to foundations
    •  150×150  mm Posts
    •  220×100  mm Beams
    • 75mm x 175 Braces
    • 38mm x 89mm treated softwood wall framing
    • Where required, floor joists & 18mm (+/-) floor deck provided at spacing and depth to suit spans
    • Treated softwood cut rafters or nail plate roof trusses.
    • All green timber untreated to allow choice of stain.
    • 9mm OSB sarking for restraint (no under bracing, hip, or valley boards needed)
    • Tyvek or similar breather membrane over sarking
    • 25mm x 50mm counterbatten over breather membrane
    • 19mm sawn softwood featheredge horizontal cladding for gable ends & walls included if required.
    • Selecting “Habitable Rooms” adds sheathing battens, insulation, VCL & plasterboard to wall, floor and ceiling

Habitable Room Specification

Where “habitable room” standard is chosen, the following specification is included:

For the gable walls (and any raised eaves walls if required)

    • Increasing the size of the stud framework to 140 x 38
    • External battens
    • 9mm OSB sheathing
    • Breather Membrane
    • 120mm insulation
    • Polythene VCL


For the roof and floor:

    • 160mm insulation between rafters and floor joists
  • Polythene VCL

Plasterboard under joists