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The ultimate Green Roofing and Wall Cladding. Produced from sustainable forest, shingles and shakes are lightweight, durable & environmentally friendly.

Cedar Shingles are suitable for domestic and commercial roofing; including garage roofs, car-ports, summer houses and Gazebo’s. Having been used for hundreds of years, Cedar shingles have proven their durability in all kinds of climates. They can be used to create individual buildings, whether traditional or modern, and their rich, warm colour and texture blend beautifully in any natural environment. 

Their long lifespan and durability means that you can be confident in knowing that the product you’ve purchased will sustain and help compliment your new project for years to come. Cedar Shingles will also give you the security and safety you require from a roof product regardless of the climate. Their easy installation and long durability means that your maintenance costs will be lower than other roofing products but they will still offer the same great performance you expect.

The natural affects of ageing and weathering give shingles an attractive silvery grey colour over time.

If treated properly and maintained well, Cedar Shingles have a life expectancy of over 50 years due to their durability. Cedar Shingles also offer excellent natural installation properties.

Cedar Shingles are extremely popular with builders because they can be easily sawn and planed with standard hand tools. They can also be manufactured to almost any profile and are easily fixed to roofs with Stainless Steel nails and fixing.

Technical Details:

 95 mm Guage

  • Cover 1.73
  • Roofs 14 degrees to 20 Degrees

125 mm Guage

  • Cover 2.28
  • Roofs above 22 Degrees

150 mm Guage

  • Cover 2.70 m²
  • Walling
Cedar Shingles
Cedar Shingles
Cedar Shingles

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