Working from home has always been the dream of many of us.

But reality can be very different: Noisy pets, children, mess, and life in general can make home working a very distracting environment.

That’s why we created SolidLox Four Season Garden Offices. A fully insulated solution that you can confidently use all year round. Constructed from the same Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) used in advanced building construction, these ensure the room won’t roast you in the summer sun or freeze you in the depths of winter when travelling to work can be particularly risky. Whilst our competitors often provide some level of wall insulation, ours is often three times thicker, based on our 100mm SIP panel construction. Most importantly, we use the same panels for the floor, ensuring that your feet will always feel warm and toasty with minimal heating requirement.

The modular construction allows for a range of sizes, all of which are quick and easy to assemble – taking just a few days as a DIY project with two people.

If you already have a level hardstanding or patio, then you’ll probably be able to build immediately. If not, we recommend our “Swift plinth” solution which negates the need to dig out a full foundation.

Our kits provide all the structural materials you need for complete your building to a weathertight standard, leaving your choices of finishing up to you.


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