Guide to buying one of our Timber Frame kits.

Now you’ve decided to go ahead with a timber frame structure you can start preparing for your new building right away. We are here to support you and have compiled a suggested checklist to help.

Meanwhile it’s always worth speaking to your local planning department about whether you need planning approval. If required, we can support you by adjusting the design to meet any extra requirements from planning officers e.g. ridge height and roof construction.

All our drawings illustrate the types of foundations required. These will act as a guide for installers and should any queries be raised by your local building inspector. To help you we have pulled together an introduction to planning for a timber frame garage, garage with room above and timber carport which you can download.

Preparation is the key to a successful build. Our installation guides are simple to follow and we provide step by step instructions to complete the work whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional builder.

Preparation checklist.

1. Check the quote to make sure it covers everything you need

2. Speak to your local planning department to find out if you need planning permission.

3. Check delivery requirements and terms and conditions.

4. Place your order and pay deposit (20%)

5. Review the preliminary drawings – one round of changes without charge permitted

6. Drawings sent to the engineering team for integrity check

7. Any revisions sent back to you (at no cost) for final sign off

8. Check the footprint and foundations are adequate for the build. Your local council building inspector will be able to give advice.

9. Put in a planning application – usually takes up to eight weeks for approval

10. Delivery timeframe confirmed. Installation instructions sent out. Payment of 30% required

11. Book your builders/carpenters (if required). 

12. Speak to neighbours re: additional vehicles in the street plus any potential noise

13. Your timber frames are now being manufactured. Remaining 20% payment required.

14. Your timber building is delivered.