Garden Rooms Versus Extensions

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Silent Spaces and Welcoming Places:

When thinking about home offices and studio spaces, we often speak to clients who are unsure if they should extend their house or build a separate garden room.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


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An extension to your property may be ideal if you’re finding that a particular room is just that bit too small, or if you are wanting to increase social space in your house to allow more guests.
Traditional conservatories are now much less common, with people preferring instead to extend with modern buildings system and glazed panels that easily connect with the garden, making it comfortable every day.

An extension will certainly add value to your house, and if well designed, can transform your living space in very unexpected ways such as increasing the use of natural light to turn dark corners into airy spaces.

However, where a silent space is required, an extension may be the wrong choice.

Garden Rooms

SolidLox Four Seasons Garden Office - Summer

When we say “garden rooms” we mean a building that is separate from the house but still located within the curtilage of the property. It’s a good idea to provide a hard pathway between house and garden room to stop your feet getting wet on the grass, and having a small timber deck means you can step outside and enjoy the sunshine from a solid, flat platform.

A garden room encourages us to spend time more connected with nature and to step away from potential noise and distractions of the rest of the house, particularly when it is occupied by a busy family. This is why many people use garden rooms for home offices, yoga and meditation spaces, or art studios. But a garden room that is not properly insulated can very quickly become an abandoned junk-room which never gets cleared out for summer use.

Our Four Seasons range of Garden Rooms ensure that this is a space you can use all-year round in comfort without burning through heating bills. We use commercial grade SIPs panels for walls, floor and ceiling. These help regulate the temperature throughout the day and year ensuring a comfortable and quiet space for whatever you have in mind.

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