Before ordering, please double check that you do not need additional planning or building regulation permissions. These may not be required if you are replacing an existing structure, even if you are enlarging the footprint of this, but it is better to be sure before proceeding.

If necessary we can probably adjust the design slightly to meet any particular requests, especially the ridge height which can be a particular concern for planners and neighbours. In this way it may be possible to adjust, for example, the way the roof is constructed to keep everyone satisfied.


Your local Building Inspector is most likely to be concerned about this. They may even want to check that existing foundations are adequate for your new SolidLox structure. An indicative range of foundation types is shown on all drawings for you to discuss with them and to guide whoever installs these for you.


It is surprising how easy it is to press ahead with any building project and then find that funds have run out before it is completed. So it really is a good idea to check that you have all the funds needed for the level of project completion that you wish to achieve before placing your order.

Phasing Finances

However, our Garages and Carports have sarked roofs ready to receive final coverings, so once your ‘shell’ is built it is fairly easy to phase your finances to enable you to complete all other works slowly as your finances permit. This is easily possible, since the ‘shell’ is reasonably resistant to wind, rain and snow, and generally the inside of the building is usable once this is erected.

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