SolidLox design, make & build high quality Post & Beam buildings in a choice of timbers utilising a special connective system for easy assembly and are part of the BenfieldATT Group of Timber Centric Companies.

The Benfield ATT Group consists of a portfolio ‘timber-centric’ service brands. From consumer DIY brands such as Simply Self-Build to commercial brands such as FastFrame and TimberTecs.

By helping promote sustainablity and environmentally-sound lifestyles, The Benfield ATT Group aims to create a sustainable future – together, with our customers and partners.

We also believe that the very business of conducting business in a responsible way has a positive social impact. We create and share wealth, invest in local economies and develop people’s skills – both inside our organisation and in the communities around us.

As a Group of Companies, we are passionate about the use of timber; a valuable, flexible, strong and beautiful building material.

Dr Michael Benfield

Prof. Michael Benfield

Freda Sanders

freda sanders
finance Director

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andrew rhodes
operations manager